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What is malvertising

What is Malvertising?

Malvertising (malicious advertising) is the use of online advertising networks to spread infected ads across popular and trusted websites.   These ads will appear on your favorite news site or in your social networks, the look legitimate but will redirect victims to corrupt webpages or install malware on their computers. How does Malvertising work? The …

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Solarwinds hack

The Solarwinds Hack

When the cybersecurity firm FireEye disclosed that it had been hacked and gotten its security testing tools stolen, they uncovered something much larger. A spyware implanted in their IT-management and security platform Orion had infected their system, a platform that is used by a majority of U.S governmental and private institutions. Solarwinds, the company behind …

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How to protect yourself from hacker part 2

What is a Hacker (part 2): How data is stolen

The simple answer is that hackers break into computers by exploiting vulnerabilities. The vulnerability might not even be computer-related; it can be a new employee unfamiliar with the companies security routines. Finding vulnerabilities They exist in all systems, and there are two kinds; known and unknown. Known vulnerabilities are often the result of needed capabilities. …

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