Solarwinds hack

The Solarwinds Hack

When the cybersecurity firm FireEye disclosed that it had been hacked and gotten its security testing tools stolen, they uncovered something much larger. A spyware implanted in their IT-management and security platform Orion had infected their system, a platform that is used by a majority of U.S governmental and private institutions. Solarwinds, the company behind …

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How to protect yourself from hacker part 2

What is a Hacker (part 2): How data is stolen

The simple answer is that hackers break into computers by exploiting vulnerabilities. The vulnerability might not even be computer-related; it can be a new employee unfamiliar with the companies security routines. Finding vulnerabilities They exist in all systems, and there are two kinds; known and unknown. Known vulnerabilities are often the result of needed capabilities. …

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