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nothing gets in, nothing gets out

The Bitidentify SDL system gets its proactive security from two intertwined technologies: Linux and Virtualization. Our Linux OS (Host) provides a stable and secure platform that in turn uses virtualization to run another OS (Guest) on top of it. Finally, the Guest OS is split into two modes by the Host, Open & Secure, with different software/hardware properties. Each instance of the Host runs separately, and the user switches between them at the push of a button.

Open Machine is open to the Internet but closed to LAN

This Machine is for daily Internet-related tasks such as email and browsing the Internet. It's not connected to LAN to eliminate the risk of spreading malware to other computers.

Secure Machine

Secure Machine is closed to the Internet but open to LAN

This is where you work on sensitive information, safe in the knowledge that there is no possible way for that data to leave your computer without your express consent.

Core technology: Linux

Built on the worlds most secure OS: Linux

Linux is in everything in your daily life, from Android phones to supercomputers. It’s also what powers our system, since it’s far less vulnerable to attacks than any other OS. Our implementation is a custom bare-bones kernel built for security.

Tux, the mascot of the Linux OS
Plus sign

Core technology: Virtualization

Layered security trough Virtualization

Virtualization refers to running multiple operating systems on a single computer simultaneously. In our system, a custom Linux core is using virtualization to run Windows on top of it. With this implementation our Linux core is controlling all hardware and software running on the computer, making it much more secure than a standard PC.

Virtualized security
Equals sign
Technology Open Secure

Dual working environments

Two computers in one PC, virtually possible

With virtualization technology, our Linux core creates two separate working environments. The first is the Open Machine with Internet-connection and the second is the Secure Machine without Internet. The user switches between these two environments depending on the need.

Speed deamon

Fastest OS-Switching in the Industry? Probably

Switching between the Open and Secure Machine is quick and easy. Just hit the shortcut keys, and you’re up and running. With Bitidentify SDL installed on an SSD-drive, it only takes around 5-seconds.

Fast switching between machines
Restores infected systems

Back to safety

Malware? No problem, just restore your system

If you get infected by malware, you can easily remove it with our unique Restore-function. It creates a clean backup of your system that can easily be reverted to. This works for any type of malicious code; viruses, trojans or other malware.

No harmful devices

Only allowed USB-devices for maximum security

USB-sticks used in multiple computers daily in many office environments. Each time exposed to potential infection. For this reason Bitidentify SDL’s proactive security only allows pre-approved and registered USB-devices. This feature minimizes the risk of inadvertently infecting your computer.

Only allowed USB-devices

Total file security

Secure storage that’s invisible to anyone but you

Files stored on the Secure Machine are impossible to access from the outside, you can’t even see the partition. The only way to move a file from the Secure Machine is through a verified and access-granted USB-device.

Write-protected system

Non-Persistent, each restart is like the first

Malware does not stick, each time you restart your Secure Machine it’s system files are restored to original, fresh install, state. Non-Persistence can be turned on or off on both Machines, or just one, for added security and protection against malware.

A look under the hood

In this diagram, you see a simplified illustration of the different components and the way that data flows between them. At the bottom layer, we have the generic computer hardware that’s running the system. The system begins with our custom Linux OS (Host), it handles the virtualization of the Open and Secure machines (Guests).

Illustration of the SDL system

SDL Video Demo

Take a tour of the Secure Data Layer system. Learn more about our system layout, switching between machines and how our Share drive works.

System Requirements

We support all major x86 Operating Systems, such as:



Buy Bitidentify SDL

Buy Bitidentify SDL

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